APL’s 15,000Sq ft Depot Nears Completion

Aerial Platforms prepares to take the keys to their bespoke new HQ in the midst of their most successful year to date.

Due to the rapid growth of the SME over the last 10 years, Aerial Platforms Ltd have recently signed for the creation of a brand new bespoke 15,000Sq ft depot located just off the East Lancs, Leigh.

The new build will allow APL to meet demand from customers for high quality access at affordable prices and will massively increase staff efficiency leading to an increased level of service for customers.

“It was key to have the new HQ built to facilitate our future plans and investments as well as keeping our location close to the East Lancashire Road, Leigh. The new HQ strategically opens up avenues direct into Manchester and Liverpool to keep Transport costs low for our customers.” – Dave Rimmer, Commercial Finance Director

Incorporated in the new premises will be an array of features aimed at reducing the companies environmental impact whilst also increasing staff productivity and efficiency.

“When deciding what we wanted to go in the new building there were a few fundamental areas we knew we had to address if we were to get the most out of it. Aside from the vast increase in size that was required due the companies rapid growth and fleet size, we also wanted to make it a priority to reduce our impact on the environment and create a base of operation that was sustainable for many more years to come.” – Dave Rimmer, Commercial Finance Director

To achieve this goal, the new premises will feature state of the art low-energy equipment that will be part-run on renewable energy provided from the purpose-build solar farm surrounding the perimeter of the land. The solar energy is expected to provide up to 30% of power for the premises.

The increase in space has also allowed for all Engineers to have designated work bays, all kitted out with premium equipment which will allow for efficient PDI’s

Office work areas have also been revised and strategically positioned to help increase internal communication. New equipment coupled with the state of the art software technologies adopted in the last few years will mean the current levels of service APL are known for will not only continue but also increase as time goes on.

Responsible for the build are Rayner Rowen commissioned by Property Alliance Group. Having the expertise from both companies allowed the project to stay on track and saw the new HQ completed in little time.

Helping to complete the build are also a number of Aerial Platforms’ own customers who have supplied various parts of the build including signage, lighting and more.

Written by:
Aerial Platforms
17th December 2018

If you’re an existing customer of APL Aerial Platforms Ltd, then please note our bank details have changed and you should have received an email confirming this.

If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to call our Accounts Department on 01942 553 323 / 0800 085 3709.

Thanks, APL!