Boom Lift Hire

Boom Lift

Boom lifts, commonly known as cherry pickers, provide a versatile and convenient solution for a variety of tasks, both big and small.

They are perfect for reaching high areas that would otherwise be inaccessible, making them ideal for jobs like lighting installation or painting walls.

Types of boom lift:

Diesel Boom Lift

Designed to tackle the most difficult of tasks

Electric Boom Lift

Powered completely by electric motors

Bi-Energy Boom Lift

Platforms that run in both electric and diesel

Multi Fuel Boom Lift

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

Electric Mast Lifts

Ideal for a variety of access work

Which Boom Lift To Hire

A boom lift is a type of aerial platform used to provide temporary elevated access for people or equipment on a work site. 

They typically have a bucket or platform at the end of a hydraulic arm that can be raised and lowered to reach different heights. They are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and repairs. 

When determining which boom lift is best for your project, you’ll need to consider: 

There are two types of boom lifts we offer, telescopic and articulated.

Telescopic Boom Lift

A Telescopic boom lift can be identified by it’s straight single-hinged extendable arm. 

This type of lift provides you with both maximum vertical reach and horizontal reach.

Telescopic boom lifts may require more space to make turns, but they are ideal when there are obstacles, like rough terrain that prevent close access.

Articulated Boom Lift

A Articulated boom lift can be identified by it’s multiple joints that allows up and over access, getting you into difficult positions when space is minimal. The joints provide flexibility to move over and around obstacles, making articulated boom lifts ideal for working in tight, narrow or confined spaces.

Boom Lift Hire With APL

At Aerial Platforms Ltd, we have five main ranges that all of our boom lifts fall under. These are:

Diesel Boom Lifts – High-powered machines with an extended reach and extra power that are ideal for working outdoors on the toughest projects.

Electric Boom Lifts – Noiseless and flexible models designed to work indoors and in tight spaces, producing zero harmful emissions.

Hybrid Boom Lifts – Platforms that can run on both diesel and electric power in a harmonious bi-energy relationship, saving fuel and energy by creating longer runtimes.

Multi Fuel Boom Lifts – Multi-fuel Boom Lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any number of indoor or outdoor activities. No matter what the environment or application.

Electric Mast Boom Lifts – Vertical mast booms are more versatile than other access platform equipment when it comes to working around obstructions, they can be a replacement for ladders, stairs, or portable podiums.

The APL fleet is sourced from the biggest manufacturers of access equipment in the world. Working with companies such as JLG, JCB, Skyjack, Niftylift, and many more industry-leading names has allowed us to garner one of the highest quality fleets.

Diesel Boom Lifts

Boom lifts that run on diesel are some of the most powerful access platforms that we have in our fleet.

Designed to tackle the most difficult of tasks, our diesel boom lifts can:

Electric Boom Lifts

Electric boom lifts are powered by electric motors.

They produce zero emissions, making them an environmentally-friendly option for many applications.

Electric boom lifts are quieter than their diesel-powered counterparts, making them ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas.

Our electric range can:

Our Super Boom Fleet

At Aerial Platforms Ltd, we have a special division of boom lifts that are purpose-built to add extra height and power to your workforce.

We have three different super boom models in our fleet:

JLG 1250AJP – The JLG 1250AJP goes from the ground to 30m in under 2 minutes and has dual platform capacity, allowing up to 450kg in load.

Genie ZX-135/70 – With a 360˚ continuous rotation turntable and 160˚platform rotation for fast, easy positioning and a 43.15m max working height the Genie Z-135/70 is one of the best in our fleet.

JLG 1500AJP – The tallest machine in our fleet, with a maximum working height of 48.15m. The most appealing thing is that it is drivable at full height, thus eliminating the time wasted in setting up the boom lift each time you need to relocate it.

Say Hello to Hybrid

We strive to provide our customers with as many solutions to working at height as possible. Our Hybrid MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) are some of the most unique machines in our fleet, providing customers with more choice during operation in comparison to the other access equipment.

All of our hybrid MEWPs are fitted with a diesel engine, accompanied by an electric motor. This makes every machine in our hybrid range bi-energy, leading to longer, more efficient sessions.

The diesel and electric operating modes have a symbiotic relationship with each other. If the hybrid boom lift is running on diesel mode, the lift will top the battery up as it works. Just like how a hybrid car works, operating in one mode will provide future charges for the other. If required, the motor will kick in and supply extra power alongside the diesel engine.

Our hybrid boom lifts can also operate in electric-only mode. This allows the user to work indoors whilst the machine produces zero emissions and minimal noise pollution, beneficial for when our customers are working in highly populated areas.

Some of the benefits of hybrid include:

We have a dedicated Hybrid page where you can learn more about how hybrid boom lifts work and how they can help both you and the environment when you need to work at height.

Hybrid Boom Lift

When deciding if a boom lift is the right choice for your project, consider the following factors:

The type of work that needs to be done: Boom lifts are well suited for tasks that require precision and dexterity, such as painting or repairs.

The height of the work area.

The width of the work area: Boom lifts can be maneuvered into tight spaces, making them ideal for working in narrow areas.

The weight of the equipment that will be carried.

The terrain: Boom lifts can be used on a variety of terrain, including rough and uneven surfaces.

If you are still unsure about what machine you will require contact us on 0800 085 3709

Boom lifts can be dangerous if not used properly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never exceed the weight limit. Never use a boom lift in high winds or other severe weather conditions.

You will need to have the right licence to be able to operate a boom lift.

MEWP operators should have attended a recognised operator training course and received a certificate, card or ‘licence’, listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate. (source)


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