Choosing the best platform for your job

backgroundYou’ve probably heard various names for access equipment such as Machine Elevated Work Platform, Aerial Work Platform or even Static Work Platforms.  Whatever the name may be, they all mean the same thing and understanding them at the source is important in being able to know which machine is right for you.

The Breakdown

As mentioned before, there are many different names for aerial platforms but not only that, there are many different types of aerial platforms each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.  A machine elevated work platform (MEWP) by itself is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access to places at height usually inaccessible to a person alone.

The two main types of MEWP are scissor lifts and boom lifts. Scissor lifts on one hand offer vertical elevation whereas booms tend to offer ‘up and over’ elevation allowing you to simply get.. up and over an obstacle.

The Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to each type of machine and understanding them is always helpful when deciding on the platform right for you.

Scissor lifts


  • Large platforms for multiple people to work on
  • Platform extensions allow for extra room when walking on the platform
  • Easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces


  • Can only go up and down
  • Requires man power to load/unload equipment onto the platform

Boom lifts


  • Able to work above areas not accessible from directly below
  • Able to reach far higher than a scissor lift


  • Don’t tend to be able to carry as much weight
  • Harder to manoeuvre in tight spots

If you are still unsure on what machine is best suited to you then please call us and we will be more than happy to advise.

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Aerial Platforms
15th September 2016
COVID - 19

COVID – 19

Here at APL/APC we are committed to safety and are actively doing our part to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Whilst we employ a number of these practices anyway, we are taking extra care that all of our staff follow them.

Upon returning to our HQ, each machine is thoroughly cleaned with G101 multi purpose cleaner and extra attention is taken on high risk areas of the machine such as keypads and control boxes using special Biocidal cleaner.

All of our drivers have been given special disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to keep their trucks clean and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We are also disinfecting our offices daily and have adopted many safeguarding techniques including keeping a 2m distance between any two people at one time.