APL Take Delivery Of First Snorkel Outdoor-Rated Low Level Scissors In The World

Big thanks to Snorkel for supplying us with our latest investments.. a further 10x S3010P PAVs and 8x of their brand new S3210P wind-rated units which we’re pleased to be the first in the world to take delivery of!

These low level units are a fantastic solution for both internal and now external applications and provide a much safer means of working at height compared to traditional ladders..

“Developed in response to customer demand, the Snorkel S3210P offers the same easy operation and serviceability as the indoor-rated unit, yet is rated up to a maximum wind speed of 28 mph (12.5m/s). Equipped with an auto-brake system as standard to prevent movement when the lift is raised, the S3210P can be easily pushed when stowed between work areas and carried in a passenger elevator. With saloon-door style entry gates, non-marking casters and simple push-button controls as standard, the Snorkel S3210P is built tough for a long working life in construction, rental and maintenance environments.” says Snorkel in an article published showcasing the new machines.



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Aerial Platforms
17th December 2021
COVID - 19

COVID – 19

Here at APL/APC we are committed to safety and are actively doing our part to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Whilst we employ a number of these practices anyway, we are taking extra care that all of our staff follow them.

Upon returning to our HQ, each machine is thoroughly cleaned with G101 multi purpose cleaner and extra attention is taken on high risk areas of the machine such as keypads and control boxes using special Biocidal cleaner.

All of our drivers have been given special disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to keep their trucks clean and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We are also disinfecting our offices daily and have adopted many safeguarding techniques including keeping a 2m distance between any two people at one time.