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Are you looking for cherry picker hire Oldham? APL Aerial Platforms Ltd are your local, reliable experts. APL Aerial Platforms Ltd owns an extensive fleet of cherry pickers and other access platforms to help you with all of your needs whilst you work at height.

Our entire fleet has been built up around you, the customer, and has been specifically collected to service all of your cherry picker hire Oldham needs. We have also built up a reputation as the first choice for hundreds of customers who need to hire cherry pickers.

We cover the entire UK, including Oldham, making us the convenient choice for you. We pride ourselves on the excellent convenience and reliability of our service.

All our cherry picker hire Oldham equipment are rigorously tested to the highest safety standards and complies with all of the relevant Health and Safety legislation. This means that you can work at height with safety and compliance.

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We have a dedicated team with years of experience, ready to help you with all of your cherry picker hire needs. If you chose our service for your cherry picker hire Oldham needs, we guarantee to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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Knowing If You Need Cherry Picker Hire Oldham

If you’re looking for Cherry Picker hire Oldham, it is important to understand what you’re hiring. If you aren’t sure what cherry pickers are or how they operate, carry on reading to learn the basic ins and outs of the cherry picker and why you should get your cherry picker hire Oldham from Aeriel Platforms Limited.

A cherry picker is a piece of machinery with the primary use of lifting personnel and equipment into the air to perform work at above-average heights. The basic structure of a cherry picker involves an extended telescopic arm that supports a bucket-like surface. This bucket is the most identifiable part of the cherry picker. It is the platform that supports the workers and the equipment and it is how you will reach the heights to perform your work.

Cherry Pickers are usually mounted onto another vehicle or machines as they can’t be moved by themselves. Anyone who operates a cherry picker will need to station the machine before the tasks, then remove it once the task is complete so it can be moved to the next location. This makes cherry pickers great for the smaller jobs that don’t need move movement.

There are many reasons why you may choose to use a cherry picker. With the heights that they can reach, cherry pickers are great for cleaning windows, repairing roofs on buildings or installing a sign on a building. No matter what your needs are, we can supply you with cherry picker hire Oldham at any time.

Our cherry pickers have some of the highest average working heights out of any of our access platforms. This makes them great for the trickiest jobs that would otherwise be just out of reach. 

The origins of the cherry picker can be dated back to the middle of the 20th century. As the name implies, cherry pickers were originally designed to pick cherries and other fruits that grew at a height. Whilst they are still commonly used for fruit picking purposes, they can be found now across all branches of society.

In the modern world of machinery, they are used to help workers perform tasks that would otherwise require a ladder or scaffolding, an option that is far less safe than our trusted cherry picker.

Carry on reading to find out how APL can help you with all of your cherry picker hire Oldham needs.

Cherry Picker Hire Oldham - About APL

At Aerial Platforms Ltd, our goal is to help you with your cherry picker hire Oldham needs. For over 30 years we have provided quality service to people and businesses across the UK.

APL has been a successful company for over a decade, with some members of our team being in the business for three times that amount of time. We strive to maintain excellent levels of commitment, safety and service to our customers and this is why we are considered one of the most trusted platform hiring services in the country.

Our fleet consists of over 800+ machines. This gives us the ability to meet all of your requirements at a moments notice. Our machines are of the highest quality and we can guarantee you a smooth and easy experience if you use one of our cherry pickers.

We fully service, maintain and clean all of our cherry pickers regularly to make sure everything is perfect if you require one at a moments notice.

Our machines can operate in all sorts of environments. Our high-quality cherry pickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re working in an airport, warehousing, food processing, media or anywhere you need to reach heights, our team for cherry picker hire Oldham are ready to assist you.

We hire out two main types of cherry pickers. These are Electric Cherry Pickers and Diesel Cherry Pickers. Not only do we offer a standard version of both of these models, but we also offer a Superboom Division.

These Superboom models provide extra power, height and drive to all of your projects. Our Superboom machines are very popular and often aren’t in stock due to high demand.

If you’re interested in hiring one for extra power on your project, sign up now to Aerial Platforms super division stock alerts to receive notifications nationally.

Carry on reading to learn more about the functions of our cherry pickers and how they operate. Or if you would like to learn more about our history, discover more here.

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Diesel Cherry Picker Hire Oldham

One type of cherry picker that we offer is our Diesel Cherry Picker. Our Diesel Cherry Pickers are some of the most powerful machines we have.

Diesel cherry pickers are built for tackling some of the toughest challenges a workforce can face. 

Our diesel boom cherry pickers are some of the tallest machines we offer at Aeriel Platforms Ltd. Our tallest model is our JLG 1500AJP Super Boom which reaches a maximum height of 48.15 metres with a maximum lift capacity of 227 Kilograms. This makes it the ideal cherry picker for the toughest of tasks.

If your project involves reaching massive heights and carrying lots of equipment then this super boom is for you.

We have over a dozen models and brands in our diesel cherry picker range. Whether you want a Skyjack, a Manitou or a Genie, we have the perfect machine for you. We will aid you in carefully selecting the right cherry picker for you to make sure that there is no fuss when it comes to getting your job done.

Not sure which machine you need? Try our Platform Selector to match a machine up with your requirements.

Electric Cherry Picker Hire Oldham

The next type of Cherry Picker we offer is our electric model. Compared to our diesel cherry picker range, our electric range of cherry pickers are smaller but more flexible. This means that whilst they may not reach the same heights as our diesel cherry pickers, they are better at reaching tight corners and moving in more compact spaces.

We have several models and makes in our electric range, including Snorkel, JLG and Skyjack. These models are designed to have longer battery lives, meaning that you can get more work done with a single charge.

One of the big benefits of using electric cherry pickers is the lack of emissions they produce. At APL, we are determined to help the environment by cutting down all emissions from our vehicles. By using electric cherry pickers, we are cutting down on both noise and air pollution. This is particularly important as our electric cherry picker boom lifts are primarily used indoors, leading to less disturbance and less harmful substances being released into the air.

If you are interested in using aerial platforms that are designed to help the environment, check out our Hybrid MEWP Range to see how together we can help save the planet.

If you’re looking for more than what our standard diesel range offers, check out our super fleet to explore our superboom division, where our models provide even more height, power and support.

Cherry Picker Hire Oldham Safety

At APL, we take pride in exceeding customers’ expectations in every area of safety. From Pre-Delivery Inspections to Daily Run-Ups and Tests, we’re strongly committed to safety within our cherry picker hire Oldham. We offer full LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) inspections, as well as repairs and servicing to keep all machines up to date and in line with the current health and safety regulations. We will perform routine checks on our machines (every 6 months).

We will also perform these checks on your own company cherry pickers to make sure that they are compliant with the Health and Safety at Work act of 1974

As well as carrying out inspections, we also put several measures in place to make every scenario you may find yourself in as safe as possible. One measure we have put in place to further increase safety is to print a QR LOLER code on all of our cherry pickers. These codes allow anyone who scans the cherry picker access to several safety features in the case of an emergency. We put these procedures in place to make sure that we stick to our health and safety guidelines at all times.

We always comply with the Working at Height Legislation from HSE and actively strive to reduce injuries in every work environment. Aerial Platforms Ltd can offer comprehensive training for both industry professionals and beginners alike. We make sure your workforce meets all health standards.

Whilst we are very proud of our health and safety records, we acknowledge that our customers may have some concerns when considering hiring one of our cherry pickers. We understand that our machines may look intimidating, especially to people who have never used them before.

It may seem like there are many risks involved, especially with the diesel cherry pickers that are primarily used outdoors. These situations may naturally cause more concern as you may think that the weather will have an impact on the cherry picker.

Whilst we naturally cannot guarantee 100% safety with our machines, we can guarantee that we put every precaution in place to make sure our machines are as safe as possible. We are a well-trusted provider of cherry pickers and we will do everything in our power to make your cherry picker hire Oldham experience as safe as possible.

Our promise to you is to keep our cherry picker hire Oldham as safe as possible. We constantly inspect our access equipment to make sure that they stay up to date with legal standards. We take health and safety very seriously here at Aerial Platforms Ltd and if there is ever an issue of any nature, we will deal with it straight away.

If you would like to know more about our health and safety policies and to view our range of downloadable documents covering everything you need to know, click here to read through our safety page.

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Why Choose APL for your Cherry Picker Hire Oldham

The main reason why you should get your cherry picker hire Oldham from APL is that we provide excellent customer service. With our 30 years of experience in the field, we have endless knowledge about not just cherry pickers, but all of our access equipment in Oldham.

Another reason why you should choose APL is because we are a professional and friendly company. We think it is beneficial to re-invest into staff training regularly to make sure that our work family is always ahead of the industry. We are approachable and always here to aid you with the best solution for all of your problems.

Here at APL, we have a growing fleet of over 800+ machines with an average fleet age of 2 years. This means that we will very likely have the correct equipment for your requirements.

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our machines but also the service we provide our customers as they are key to us and the centrepiece of everything we do.

We don’t just provide service to Oldham but to most towns and cities across the UK. So if for any reason you need to hire a cherry picker for multiple places on different days, it is more than likely that we can help you with that request. See our other serviced locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our cherry picker hire Oldham.

Cherry Pickers are proven to be one of the safest methods of working at height and provides companies with a cost-effective solution to safely working at height.

Here at APL, we provide excellent quality customer service and we always make sure that your needs are met and exceeded. We have a growing fleet of machines and we are always able to assist with your requirements.

The only requirement we put in place is that you are a Limited company. Other than that, our services are for anyone. We supply cherry pickers for a range of sectors including facility management, construction and much more. Check out our range of cherry pickers here.

Once you have hired with us, we will send you an invoice to be paid once your hire is complete.


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