The Road to Success- APL awarded FORS Bronze award yet again!


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We did it before and we’ve done it again! At APL we’re all about striving to be the best and we really wanted to reflect that when it came to the road and the environment and for that reason we are pleased to announce that we have passed our FORS Bronze accreditation for yet another year running!

What is it?
FORS- short for The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is a voluntary accreditation scheme all about the safety of operations and best practice. We were keen to work towards the award again as we believe it not only benefits the vehicle operator, allowing them to improve road safety, reduce fuel emissions and more, but also our valued customers giving them piece of mind knowing the best possible practices are being implemented daily!


How we did it
Since first working towards our Bronze accreditation, we had to show we were following the guidelines set out by FORS and implementing procedures best suited to improving the safety when it came to our vehicles and operators. We set out on achieving the award by compiling a report of all driver and license checks and showed we had undergone multiple assessments for the drivers. We made sure all operators were aware of our best practices and got them to sign to show this. Another notable thing is the use of Fleet Smart. Installed into each and every one of our lorries, Fleet Smart is a service allowing us to monitor our lorries on the road using real time GPS tracking. This allowed us to plan our routes more effectively, reducing idling time which would allow us to improve our emissions!

Of course there is always room for improvement and we will continue to do so, but it is something we are all very excited about and hope you are too!


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Aerial Platforms
9th August 2016
COVID - 19

COVID – 19

Here at APL/APC we are committed to safety and are actively doing our part to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Whilst we employ a number of these practices anyway, we are taking extra care that all of our staff follow them.

Upon returning to our HQ, each machine is thoroughly cleaned with G101 multi purpose cleaner and extra attention is taken on high risk areas of the machine such as keypads and control boxes using special Biocidal cleaner.

All of our drivers have been given special disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to keep their trucks clean and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We are also disinfecting our offices daily and have adopted many safeguarding techniques including keeping a 2m distance between any two people at one time.