Types of MEWP for Working at Height Infographic

A Brief Guide To Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

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We’ve put together an infographic featuring different MEWPs, showcasing some of the types of vehicle available from our fleet. It’s a good introduction to the main features of aerial platforms and common types of MEWP.

The infographic is a quick reference guide for the construction industry to learn what to look for in a mobile elevating work platform.

Types of MEWP for Working At Height

What is a MEWP?

MEWP Definition: A MEWP or M.E.W.P. is a Mobile Elevating Work Platform. MEWPs are also known as:

  • Aerial platform
  • Vertical lift
  • Powered access
  • Spider lift
  • Cherry picker
  • Scissor lift
  • Aerial work platform
  • Boom lift
  • Access platform


What is a Scissor Lift?

Scissor Lift Definition:

  • A Scissor Lift is a vertical lift with a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical action
  • Scissor Lifts are named for their criss-cross “scissor” mechanism
  • Diesel, Electric and Hybrid Scissor Lifts exist
  • Mobile and Static Scissor Lifts are available

What is a Cherry Picker?

Cherry Picker Definition:

  • It’s an elevating work platform
  • Cherry Pickers use a ‘boom’ and are commonly known as Boom Lifts
  • They were originally built for use in orchards
  • Mobile and static versions are available
  • Electric, Diesel & Hybrid-powered Cherry Pickers are available

What is a PAV Push Around Vertical?

PAV Push Around Vertical Definition:

  • The Push Around Vertical/Vehicle is commonly known as a PAV
  • PAVs offer a stable platform
  • PAVs are often used for lower level work

Common features of MEWPs – How to choose the best MEWP/Cherry Picker/Boom Lift/Scissor Lift/Spider Lift/Push Around Vertical for the job?

Choosing the right MEWP to meet your requirements for these common attributes will let you find the right machine for the job:

Height – how high do you need to go?
Outreach – how far do you need to reach?
Load Capacity – how much weight do you need to lift?
Terrain – some MEWPs are 4×4 and can operate well on rougher terrain
Platform Rotation – to manoeuvre the platform at height
Turning Radius – to operate the machine in a tight space
Platform Height – will the MEWP fit through the door or entrance to the work area?
Platform Weight – can the ground/work surface bear the weight of the MEWP?

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Types of MEWP for Working at Height

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27th May 2015
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