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What are Hybrid Boom Lifts

Hybrid Boom Lifts are machines that allow the electric motor to automatically assist the engine when more power is required (e.g. climbing up a steep gradient). When it is not doing this, the electric motor channels the excess power from the engine back into the batteries, keeping it until it is needed. Because of this, it means a much smaller engine can be used compared to traditional diesel boom lifts.

Batteries are also charged up to 40% faster using the Diesel Re-Gen technology mentioned above compared to mains power.

The Benefits of Hybrid MEWPs

  • 1. Standard oscillating axle and four-wheel drive, delivering optimised grip and stability
  • 2. Less dependancy on Hydraulic Oils meaning fewer scheduled services
  • 3. Reduced noise polution making it ideal for work in congested areas
  • 4. Choose between the Tier 4 Final engine or completely electric thanks to its onboard battery pack
  • 5. Batteries are automatically charged on demand by the machine’s generator during operation
  • 6. Zero Emissions when run on electric mode making it ideal for work in the L.E.Z (Low Emission Zone)y
  • 7. Low operating costs
  • 8. Less downtime thanks to extended duty cycles and charge times up to 40% faster than mains.

Our Top Picks

JLG H800AJ Hybrid Boom Lift

JLG H800AJ Hybrid Bi-Energy Boom Lift

Working Height 26.38m
Working Outreach 15.80m
Up and Over Height 9.78m
Lift Capacity 230kg
Machine Weight 16,110kg

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Niftylift HR28 Hybrid Boom Lift

Niftylift HR28 Hybrid Bi-Energy Boom Lift

Working Height 28.00m
Working Outreach 19.00m
Lift Capacity 280kg
Machine Weight 14,650kg

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Aerial Platforms
20th January 2020
COVID - 19

COVID – 19

Here at APL/APC we are committed to safety and are actively doing our part to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Whilst we employ a number of these practices anyway, we are taking extra care that all of our staff follow them.

Upon returning to our HQ, each machine is thoroughly cleaned with G101 multi purpose cleaner and extra attention is taken on high risk areas of the machine such as keypads and control boxes using special Biocidal cleaner.

All of our drivers have been given special disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to keep their trucks clean and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We are also disinfecting our offices daily and have adopted many safeguarding techniques including keeping a 2m distance between any two people at one time.