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What are Electric Mast Boom Lifts?

As the name suggests, an Electric Mast Boom Lift is any MEWP that uses a mast to lift the platform.

Mast Boom Lifts are a lot more compact than standard boom lifts meaning they are able to operate in narrow aisles and manoeuvre in congested areas making them an ideal choice for work in the facilities maintenance sector.

As they are run off electric power, these machines are able to operate indoors in sensitive environments where factors such as emissions and noise pollution need to be at a minimum.

Our Top Picks

Skyjack SJ16 Electric Mast Boom Lift

Working Height 6.75m
Overall Width 0.76m
Overall Length 1.37m
Stowed Height 1.79m
Lift Capacity 227kg

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Manitou 100VJR Electric Mast Boom Lift

Working Height 9.90m
Outreach 3.15m
Overall Width 0.99m
Overall Length 2.82m
Overall Height 1.99m
Lift Capacity 200kg

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JLG Toucan T12E Plus

Working Height 12.65m
Working Outreach 6.05m
Overall Width 1.20m
Overall Length 3.65m
Height Stowed 1.99m
Lift Capacity 200kg

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Aerial Platforms
6th January 2020
COVID - 19

COVID – 19

Here at APL/APC we are committed to safety and are actively doing our part to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. Whilst we employ a number of these practices anyway, we are taking extra care that all of our staff follow them.

Upon returning to our HQ, each machine is thoroughly cleaned with G101 multi purpose cleaner and extra attention is taken on high risk areas of the machine such as keypads and control boxes using special Biocidal cleaner.

All of our drivers have been given special disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to keep their trucks clean and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We are also disinfecting our offices daily and have adopted many safeguarding techniques including keeping a 2m distance between any two people at one time.